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Monome; minimalist interface device.

2009, Sydney, Australia

Filed under: Electrical, Music, Hardware

After seeing the beautiful work coming out of the Catskills, New York, from the folks at, I set about constructing two monome interface devices of my own.

Building two grids of eight by eight leds - which also respond to button presses, and which runs over USB, gives a minimalist, sixteen by eight interface device, which can be adapted to whatever is needed.

The 128 leds are a deep red (618nm), crisp and bright (1300mcd) and multiplexed to minimise the power required, allowing them to run solely off of USB.

Building these by hand based off the work by Brian Crabtree and Kelli Cain, as well as those on the monome community forums resulted in the following: (shown in both sunlight and darkness)

Whilst I am still learning how to use this thing, here is some footage of what others are doing:

specs: 5mm LEDs, 30 degree angle, 618nm, 1300mcd at 20mA, 26.8kOhm common current limiting resistor, powered by 2x Arduino Duemilanovas, sparkfun button pads.